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Need No 2: Clients' Needs - Spontaneity or "Insecurity"

3 April 2017 By Galina

In this series of blog posts we are talking about the main human needs, - the drivers that, in many ways, determine our daily lives. We have already mentioned security – the dominant need of many people, that enables them to live in a safe, predictable world.

For some, knowing that you are a safe, experienced and insured therapist would be the deal-breaker.

But not everybody values safety above everything. Some people take it for granted. They assume that if you are advertising, you have a website, a practice, a credit card machine and an email address, you must be above board. They are not worried about coming to you for a colonic irrigation treatment. 

What drives them? For many of these people, a new experience of trying a colon hydrotherapy treatment is probably the most important driver of all. What are they looking for?

They are looking for “living in the moment”. They would like to know what colon therapy feels like. Many of them have done their research. They have read or heard contradictory accounts of different people about it, and this has aroused their curiosity. The questions they will ask you couldl be something like this:

  • What will it feel like?
  • When’s your first available appointment?
  • How will I feel afterwards?
  • Can I [drink, drive, run] afterwards?

And the classic:

  • How much weight will I lose?

Often, they'll want to have the colonic treatment done before a wedding, an important date or a holiday.

These clients are lovely, vivacious, young, or young in heart, and a pleasure to be with. However, as a therapist, you should still manage their expectations. Here is my little macro to start you off:

“I hope that you will have a positive, pleasant experience. However, I’d like you to make sure that you don’t plan anything major for the rest of the day, that you go home, rest, have light nutritious meals or juices, and avoid alcohol and strenuous activities for 24 hours at least. Colon hydrotherapy is a powerful treatment and you need to enable your body to process it properly.

As for the weight loss: you will lose wastes, but you will also absorb water. Some people lose weight too; however, everyone without exception absorbs water. Hydration is one of the main reasons that people have this treatment. Your skin will certainly enjoy it!. You will receive our nutritional guidelines that will help you with your weight management.”

Next week we'll talk about another important driver - the feeling of significance.